Birch Bark Boxes for Jewelry & Trinket

Carved birch bark box Heart-shaped birch bark box Carved birch bark jewelry box

Carved birch bark box

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Heart-shaped birch bark box

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Carved birch bark jewelry box

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Sexfoil carved birch bark box Hinged Birch Bark Trinket Box Birch bark jewelry box

Sexfoil carved birch bark box

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Hinged Birch Bark Trinket Box

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Birch bark jewelry box

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Hand-made custom boxes.
Jewelry box? Cigar box? Decorative box? Trinket box?
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At present one hears more and more that birch tree bark is a sort of a Russian ginseng. More often than not this comes straight from the Chinese doctors themselves.
Medical establishments in practically all countries recognize the value of birch bark for its healing properties. Research showed that birch camphor (betula alba) constitutes about one third of all the components of birch bark. Healing properties is only one reason why a birch tree was dubbed “White Gold” first in America, and afterwards the name became popular in Russia too.
Raw stock is taken from standing trees, as well as from cut trees. First, a cut is made to the soft bast fiber in the middle of the tree along the whole length. It is recommended to dry the bark in the open air, or in a well-ventilated space.
Birch bark is widely accepted as an all-around fabric, and its use is highly encouraged in Russia, America, France and a number of other countries.
There has been scientific research done into the healing properties of betula. It was discovered that it has a beneficial influence on the treatment of all three types of hepatitis. This general tonic increases the bodily defense mechanisms acting against toxins and alcohol, and it provides liver with immunity towards various unfavorable conditions. Parallel to this, there were a number of other studies made. It seemed that drinks distilled on bark can be used as a calming agent in the presence of acute belly complaints or various types of ulcers. In the end, it turned out that the substance betula, contained in the birch tree bark, acts as a healing agent for the damaged mucous lining of the stomach, lowering the acidity levels of gastric secretion and the levels of chlorine hydride.
Birch tree has always been distinguished for its beauty. It has a snow-white bark, and sometimes it goes by the name of White Gold, and sometimes people call it The Green.
The knowledge that one can use its bark, its juice, and its leaves to cure many disorders has been around for a long time.
It is not recommended to use birch trees in construction of buildings, mainly due to the fact that the wood rots quickly. Trees can grow for decades long thanks to the special properties of its bark. It can fight off fungi and viruses, and it has disinfectant properties too. But you always see it happening: if you kick a fallen old tree, the inside of the tree is all rotten and collapses, whereas the bark stays whole. Ancient birchbark letters, found in Novgorod about fifty years ago, had been laying buried in the ground for some 700 years long, but they are amazingly well preserved.
There are special substances in every plant , called phitoncides, which make sure that the plant can fight off insects. Phitoncides, released from the leaves of the birch tree are most utilized in nature. A forest consisting only of birch trees for one cubic meter of space will have only 400 microbes capable of transmitting disease. Just to compare, the average bacterial release in an operating room equals about 500 cfu/min. Bread baskets made from birch tree bark is another example where microbial presence is minimized. Bread in these containers stays fresh longer than in bread baskets made of other materials. Birch oil can also disinfect air with just a couple of drops of oil sprinkled upon the coal in the fireplace. Formerly this method was used for disinfection of a birthing place. Generally, people of the past were much more aware of all natural products with properties which can prolong life.
It is recommended to have and to keep articles made of birch bark in one’s home. The air in the space will always stay clean and wholesome. Birch bark has medicinal properties which help control oral ulcers caused by a fungi called Candida. The bark also provides great treatment for herpes. That is why it is recommended to conduct prophylactic treatments with birch bark. All medicinal properties of birch bark can be considered a real gift the nature has bestowed upon mankind, and it should be fully utilized.