Birch Bark Cups & Mugs

Crayfish beer birch bark mug Russian Winter Village Birch Bark Mug Three bears birch bark mug

Crayfish beer birch bark mug

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Russian Winter Village Birch Bark Mug

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Three bears birch bark mug

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Almost up to 19th century, mugs made of birch bark were the most common form of drinking vessel in the world. 

Secrets of artisan work using birch bark as base material have been passed on from one generation to another all the way to our times.
Professionals working for our company have the skills of the old masters down to an art. That's why the souvenirs made by them resemble old antiques. A connoisseur will not be able to resist the sight of our boxes decorated with multi-layered birch bark.
All products, with no exceptions, are made of Siberian birch bark. We work only with natural, ecologically clean sources in the best tradition of the Russian culture and folklore, using the secret skills of our ancestors.
Our company offers an assortment of souvenirs from the series of popular Siberian artisanship. Here you will find miniature boxes and jewel cases, cigar cases, bijouterie, silverware, and much more. The entire collection is very tasteful, and will satisfy the requirements of the fussiest byer.
Every item is hand-made, and without too much exaggeration one can say that every item is its own work of art.
Birch tree bark is an ecologically clean fabric with antibacterial properties. Bread baskets, cylinder shaped containers, cups, biscuit barrels and other household articles made of birch bark will decorate your kitchen, and keep you food stuffs clean and safe.